Our services include the following:

  • Conducting assessment of client in the home or facility
  • Selecting and interviewing caregiver agencies or individuals and ongoing coordination of these services
  • Coordinating and making medical appointments
  • Attending medical appointments with client, with follow up reports to family or designated friends, other care providers
  • Medication management
  • Responding to emergencies such as meeting client at ER
  • Transitioning care for clients moving from independent to assisted living, assisted living to home living, hospital to home
  • Counseling

Other services we can provide:

  • Working with estate trustees to determine optimal care solution for surviving spouse / partner
  • Elder mediation for families seeking to gain alignment on decisions for parents / elder family members
  • Travel services – arranging travel and accompany clients outside of Los Angeles to visit family members, friends, meet a cruise or organized trip, or if a client is moving out of the LA area.

When we cannot provide a service such as elder legal advice, estate planning, complex medical decision making, we have a strong network of professional service providers and can provide warm handoffs.

Please contact us for a free phone consultation:

  • Barbara Hament – Barbara@seniorcarenavigatorla.com
  • Elizabeth Malloy – Elizabeth@seniorcarenavigatorla.com